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How to Decorate – 5 Sewing Room Design Ideas

If you have a spare bedroom, home office or even a sunny corner with potential, convert the space into a lovable craft haven with these sewing room design ideas. Jot down the sewing room design ideas that you like and add to an inspiration board with photos, sketches and color swatches. You can maximize your space at low to no cost with these thrifty sewing room designs for any budget. If you have your own sewing room design ideas, please add them to the comments!

  1. Use a spare closet- If you cannot devote an entire room to your favorite hobby, you can utilize a closet as the base for your sewing room. Best of all, you can close the door(s) of your sewing room to hide clutter or works in progress. A sturdy table can fold out of the closet for working with fabric (drop-leaf construction) and you can set up shelves above the table. You can place your sewing machine on a separate flat surface inside the closet which never moves. My favorite sewing room design ideas allow spaces to be multi-purpose, for example in a spare bedroom still being used for guests.
  2. Cork Boards- Set up cork boards around your sewing table to hang pattern instructions, sewing inspiration, fabric swatches and more. To coordinate with your design, use a piece of fabric and scrap ribbon to create your own inspiration board.
  3. Prep your cutting table- Practically ever sewer will need a large cutting table. Cover your table permanently with a self-healing mat for quick and easy cutting. The cutting table should be 34-40 inches high so that you are not stooping when cutting. For one of my favorite sewing room design ideas, you can create a large cutting table with two card tables pushed together, set on blocks or bricks to the right height. Use a fabric skirt to disguise the blocks and utilize the space underneath the table for storage.
  4. Prep your pressing area- Set up an ironing board and a nearby shelf for pressing supplies. If space is limited, you can use a table-top sewing board or use a folding, wall or door mounted ironing board. A swing-out rod mounted on the wall for hanging is useful next to your pressing area, if you do not have a closet for hanging.
  5. Get creative with storage- Use large, glass mason jars to store and display supplies like buttons, ribbons and trim on a shelf. Decoupage a plain wood box with old paper sewing patterns to store your collection of patterns. Make your own storage baskets with fabric, painted or covered cardboard or even chicken wire. Make your own thread board with a thick piece of wood and nails. Use a pencil to mark every 1 ¾ inch across and down your board. Hammer a nail into the board, making sure not to puncture the other side. Arrange your spools of thread by color.

7 Home Business Ideas For Women That Work

More and more women are choosing to work from home. This gives them the flexibility required to raise children, manage the house and take care of other such tasks. There are many home business ideas for women. Many times, a hobby becomes a base for your business. Here are some interesting business ideas that should be considered.

1: Craft
Crafts have enormous potential. People are constantly looking for innovative products as gifts for their loved ones. It may be wedding gifts, party favors and more. You can come up with some nice items and promote them among friends and family in the beginning. If the news spreads and if your products are good, your small business will have a lot of orders.

2: Child Care
If you have something for children and the necessary space in your home, you might consider establishing a small business of child care. Of course, you must obtain the necessary permits and licenses. But if your locality lacks a good facility, this business opportunity will work for you.

3: Pet care
Just as people appreciate good childcare, there are others who would like to have a good Pet Care Service. This is especially true if they are frequent travelers with pets. You can consider using your place for this work. Once the business starts doing well, you can delegate tasks to people who are interested.

4: Using your culinary skills
A good business opportunity that many women can cash on is their cooking. This can be baking snacks and other refreshments. You can take on full board and work with fixed menus for various functions. Art of cooking can be changed according to any catering needs. If people like what you do, you can make good money here.

5: Tutoring
Tutoring can be an essential activity for children who are weak in their studies. Depending on your core knowledge, you can choose to educate on a particular topic. Remember, people pay to those who can make their children pass with good marks. If you are sure that you have what it takes, it can provide a substantial income on monthly basis. This is among good home business ideas for women.

6: Interior designers
Business Ideas for Women can be creative as well. You can try your skills in design and put them to good use by advising people on how to modernize the interior of their homes. You can help people make the right purchase, depending on their requirements. Rich housewives can pay you a good amount if you can earn their trust. This turns out to be another lucrative business you can begin with.

7: eBay
eBay sellers make good money too, and when you get the right kind of products online, you can be sure that many people will choose to buy from you. The income potential here is unlimited; all you need is right mentoring. This can be among some of the best home business ideas for women.

There are great possibilities out there for ladies who want to work from home. Think of the ideas above and choose the one that suits you best. Remember, you can only gain by this knowledge by taking decisive actions.

Variety in Fireplace Design Ideas

When I was a young child, some 50 odd years ago, there was pretty much one type of fireplace, perhaps two depending upon where you lived. There were traditional fireplaces that could be converted to use coal, and there were wood burning fireplaces. Coming on the horizon would be cast-iron, wood burning stoves that were used primarily to heat and humidify the home and occasionally, for those who chose to cook upon. As in so many other areas of life, options have multiplied to the point of choices being experienced as overwhelming. Take fireplace design ideas as an example.

Fireplaces can be broken out in to two main types: those that function inside of a structure and those that are used out-of-doors. Within the home, you can now add to the above-mentioned fireplace ideas. Now, there are natural gas fireplaces that can be inserted in to the mouth of a traditional fireplace. Others are free standing with specialized, insulated piping running out through an opening in the wall. There are multiple types of electric fireplaces. These are mobile units and easily operated and maintained. There are also fireplace design ideas that are primarily for “show”. These too come as a mobile unit designed to set flush against a straight wall or to fit neatly in to a 90 degree corner of a room. What these units lose in practical functionality, i.e., heat generation, they make up for in the artistic beauty of the mantel piece.

As for the out-of-door variety of fireplaces, here too you will not be disappointed in the variety of options. I live in northern Maine and grew up with the end-of-season bonfire. These are no longer considered safe because they are not “contained”. Therefore, left to our own ingenuity, we now have free standing fire pits made of various materials, specific to purpose and form. Some are made of traditional cast-iron, some of porcelain, others of mortar and brick, and others of adobe. The physical designs are considered art forms unto themselves. If you are unable to find what it is your mind’s eye envisions, sketch it out and bring it to a local artisan. They may be able to create what you are looking for.