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Quick and Easy Home Business Ideas

One of the most common myths about starting an home business is that they take a lot of time and money to set up. That simply isn’t true. In fact, you can set up a business in under a week and then profit from it for years to come. Here are some quick and easy home business ideas you can start right now.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant provides administrative support to small business owners, large corporations, and independent professionals. They are different from other administrative professionals because they support their clients from their home offices, using their own equipment. Hiring a Virtual Assistant benefits business owners because they are retained on a contract basis, only when needed.

To get started as a Virtual Assistant, you will need general business administrative skills, organizational skills, and strong customer service skills. You will also need a website that advertises your skills to potential clients. It is very quick to set up this type of business, but you can earn a high hourly wage by providing Virtual Assistant services.


Have you always loved to write? A writing business might be the perfect fit for you, and is very quick to set up. A professional writer might be hired to write anything from short blog posts to long sales letters, and everything in between. Businesses of all sizes hire writers to take care of their newsletters and other business documents.

To start your writing business, you will need to assemble a portfolio of your written work. This might include articles you’ve written for yourself, or even a paper you wrote for college. Then post it on your website along with the services you offer and your rates.

Website Design

If you’re someone who enjoys creating websites, you might be interested in a website design business. As a website designer, you could be creating brand new websites for clients, updating websites to make them more effective, or completing redesigning them. An internet presence is important in almost every industry, which means that website designers are in demand.

To start your website design business, you will need to create a professional-looking website of your own. Post some projects you have worked on, either for yourself or for other people. You should also post your rates and any packages you offer.

Graphic Design

Do you have a flair for design, and play around in graphic design programs? A graphic design business could be the ideal outlet for your skill, and it’s easy to set up. Graphic designers can design ads, logos, marketing materials, and so much more. Graphic design is a very specialized skill that not everyone can do, so there is always a demand for it.

To get started as a graphic designer, put together a portfolio of designs you’ve created. Decide what kind of graphic design services you want to offer. Then post your services and your rates on your website, along with your portfolio.

In just a few days, you can have the beginnings of the successful home business you always wanted. Choose a service you would like to provide, determine your rates, and start looking for that first client.

Sorting Through Home Office Design Ideas

Many people today are either running their own business from their homes, or currently telecommuting to their out of home jobs at least part time. For the home based worker, there are many options for a work space that will maximize both style and functionality. Home office design ideas abound, and one thing to keep in mind is the look and feel of the rest of your house. The furniture you choose can blend seamlessly into any decor you have currently in your home, or you can make the working area a departure that clearly states it is a business environment.

The decorating of your home office space will begin with looking at the space you have allotted and deciding a layout that will best serve your needs. Do you meet with clients from time to time? A conversational grouping of chairs or a small sofa could be of use to you. Perhaps just a couple additional chairs that face your desk to have the use of your desk surface during the meetings would be best. Some home office design ideas suggest that the working area be able to be converted back to home living space easily, so using more lavishly designed items such as file cabinets made of finished wood, may be more practical.

There are so many styles of office furniture to choose from, computer desks can be found in everything from contemporary to traditional and there are a variety of storage hutches that can be added to them in many cases. Examples of the types of office furniture that you may wish to consider can be seen on websites or in show rooms of large furniture stores. The home office design ideas that seem to result in the best finished rooms always focus on function as well as form. Your working space should be calm, pleasant and distraction-free. Locating the room in a space that has a door you can close is always an advantage.

Choose the type of decor you want, think of the ultimate function of the room as it pertains to your work time, and consider your budget and the home decorating ideas you choose to use will result in a space that serves your needs and enhances the look of your home.

Online Home Design in a Flash

With the right program, even the complete layman can make great home design schematics. Until now, designing a home was considered too difficult for anyone but a skilled architect to do. With today’s technology, software exists that will let you craft your home and render it into a 3D image to see how it turns out.

There’s a small learning curve to these applications, and they can even be a blast to use once you learn the basics. These software programs are the best bet for that amateur home designer that wants to build a custom home for their family. You’ll have the freedom to play around until you have an aesthetically pleasing and sound design for your house. You are limited only to your imagination, as these applications allow you to play around and find which of your ideas work with the 3D rendering.

If you’d like to do this but don’t know where to start, take a day off and browse around at the designs of homes comparable to your price range and taste. You’ll have a better notion of your likes and dislikes by checking out these homes that are up for sale near you. Make sure you can look at a variety of home styles, so you can have the largest frame of reference in which to base your designs.

Home design magazines are also a great source of inspiration for budding homebuilders. Bookstores and libraries have plenty of these magazines, where you can even look at interior designing and actual floor plans for real homes, to have the best idea of what you’re looking for. With this and your visual browsing of the open houses, you’ll have enough inspiration to get started on your dream house in the 3D home design programs.

There are a number of things out there for the amateur renovator who wants to add on to their home, or even the budding architect who wants to build his own house. With some basic computer skills and the right attitude, you’ll have a blast learning how to use these programs, which won’t take long, as you’ll find the intuitive nature of these programs to be quite surprising. It won’t cost you much, but the rewards in creating your own home design that’s perfect for you are priceless.