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Five Important Tips to Optimize Your Basement Design Idea

A beautiful and functional basement lies on a good basement design idea. Having a plan or design will tell exactly if renovation is going according to how you want it. The challenge is on what to do next. Another strong consideration is figuring out how to do it. In the process, you will have to do a little research. Perhaps this article will help you.

To get your basement design idea running, it is always easier if you know some basic tips to optimize your plan. Here are some important pointers that you should know:

- Glass fixtures can be used both on windows as well as on doors. This will allow more light to come in during the day and saves you electricity costs. Instead of using solid wooden doors for your entrance door leading to your basement, design it that you will have a glass fixed in it. It doesn’t only give more light but also prevents someone from being slammed while going up in the basement stairs. This basement design idea is used in so many households today.

- The basement plan should be applicable to a multi-functional room. It gives you more freedom to explore on other concepts in optimizing your basement’s usability. Especially if your den has a lot of space, you might want to check on each corner. For example, you might want to use the dark sections as a mini-theatre since light is not likely to set in. It’s a very practical basement design idea everybody can agree on.

- Use colors that are light and easy to the eyes. Light colored walls tend to project an illusion of a bigger space. You might want to consider pastel colors. Mirrors are good options too but be cautious of its impact to the entire interior design. Make sure to put them in areas where light is most abundant. The basement design idea of using mirrors is not popular in though.

- Ducts and plumbing pipes should be engineered with aesthetics. Your basement is usually where the pipes and ducts are accessible and therefore visible. Considering this should help you in planning your basement design idea. Tell your architect to place those pipes in sections where it can be easily concealed. Allow more ceiling clearance at the center. Putting this in perspective will also give you more options when you hope to remodel your basement in the future.

- Select materials that are waterproof. This basement design idea must be taken seriously at all times. The basement is the lowest point in your home. This is why the plumbing and ducting fixes are done because your drainage settles and converges here. When fixes are made, spills are most probable. Make sure your basement is made of ether tiles or vinyl so it’s easy to mop off the spill.

It’s helpful to keep these general tips in mind regardless of the purpose your basement. Include these in your basement design idea. Ask friends or a family member what they can add to it. Your basement is also a room in your house. Think of it that way and you’ll be getting better results from your concepts.

Interior Design Ideas: Making the Old Look Modern

Interior design ideas are a great place to start for those who like to craft a look that is truly their own. For those with a modern flair it may be frustrating to live with old furniture or outdated design and it can be difficult knowing where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to upgrade and save money without big renovations or rushing out to purchase designer brands. There is also no need to stow away heirloom furniture in favor of IKEA products with no personal relevance to your life. No matter how out of style your home interior is, there is still hope!

Old Home Interiors
You may not see it right now, but your historic home may actually have some old-world finesse that can be contrasted, with wonderful success, with the modern accents you want to employ. Structural beams, window and door frames, crown molding, and other remnants can be refinished and showcased for their classic elegance even in the presence of modern furnishings. Painting, stripping, refinishing, and replacing hardware are all activities that will be at the top of your list to modernize an old home interior.

Hanging light fixtures can be removed in favor of recessed lighting as a quick way to bring spaces up to contemporary style. If the walls are still painted in retro pales or country blues, consider updating them with a monochromatic scheme. Bold splashes of color may be added to relief walls to provide depth and an adventurous vibe through the unexpected doorway or on a landing wall. There is any combination of textures and palettes that can create a modern space regardless of older accents.

Old Furniture
Working with aged and out-dated furniture can actually be really fun. There are tons of ways to modify those unsightly artifacts over the weekend. One of the toughest to update can be heavy wooden furniture, which can be refinished in a lighter color in the style of other modern furniture. Scrolled or decorative legs can be easily replaced with a huge variety of straight, clean, contemporary styles that can also be refinished to suit your needs. To finish up the job, replace or eliminate hardware fixtures where possible, opting for less decorative but highly innovative designs. Be bold, your home is filled with interior design ideas.

Upholstery is one area that has seen a dramatic transformation in popular style over the years. Not only does it become tattered and faded, but the patterns and designs of the past few decades just don’t cut it in a modern setting. It can easily be replaced with solid colors and crisp fabrics for a dramatic change in appearance. Clean stripes or extremely simple patterns can be borrowed from existing d├ęcor to really tie a space together.

Reusing existing items instead of purchasing new is a sustainable solution to interior design ideas. Many designers will even tell you that sustainability is the undeniable future of modern design. They may say that to push their sleek bamboo accessories and recycled molded plastic, but I think we’re safe to assume that reclaiming our furniture in a modern light is just as much the future as anything else!

What Are The Top 5 Home Decorating Ideas To Liven Up Your Family Room?

Whether it is watching a movie as a family, playing a board game, or sitting quietly reading on your own, one of the most frequented rooms in the home is the family room. This room, more commonly referred to as the great room, is one of the rooms in the home that guests initially see, and it can form a lasting impression. With this in mind, family room decorating should mirror the homeowner’s lifestyle. It should also project a homey, comfortable, and livable image. After all, this is the room where everyone spends so much of their time day in and day out. So, why not make it the best room of the house with family room designs? With a combination of imagination, good taste, great family room furniture and accessories, any family room can be transformed into one that exudes style and warmth. Here are some tips on how family room decorating can create an inviting place and a welcoming impression on guests.

Reorganize the Furniture

Lifestyle or taste should determine the focal point of the family room designs. If there is a warm, cozy fireplace, why not rearrange furniture around it so everyone can enjoy it? Or if there’s a large media center and this is the focal point of the room, furniture could be set around that. Nothing like viewing the latest in DVD entertainment on a large screen TV while nestled in a plush sofa. When rearranging family room furniture, also consider the traffic of family members and guests going back and forth. Does the arrangement of the furniture allow free movement and flow? Does it give an uncluttered appearance? A great home decorating idea is to arrange furniture in off-square angles. This makes the room warmer and more casual. And instead of placing a large sofa directly against the wall, why not place it a foot or so away from the wall and add a neat accessory such as a lamp?

Color Matters

When considering family room decorating, it’s important to know that colors have psychological impact on people and their moods. When applied in the family room designs, remember colors can intimidate, invite, or irritate. If you’re looking for inexpensive home decorating ideas, the use of color is an inexpensive way of enhancing a room, because it only involves painting or wallpapering walls and placing a few coordinated accessories. The room should be warm and pleasing, and one of the warmest and most relaxing colors is blue. Blue offers several hues and it’s one of the most flexible colors around. Also coordinate carpets and walls to match.

Mirror, Mirror

Create space and depth by adding a mirror on any wall. The mirror should reflect something pleasing to the eyes. If there is a lot of wall space, add a small painting on either side of the mirror.

Add Smaller Furniture

To create a “lived-in” look, utilize small pieces of family room furniture. These can be a small bench or a low sofa table. Add magazines, journals, and newspapers under the table. Placing flower vases, baskets and small plants on a table also creates beauty and helps to liven up the room.


Lamps can also accentuate the area. Second to color, light is a primary tool for creating a mood and setting the tone. Have fun and add unique lamps and other lighting to serve as conversation pieces.

Homeowners need only combine creativity and their own good taste to create a space for intimate and inviting family gatherings. By incorporating accessories and comfortable, yet stylish furniture, one can create a living area that is inviting, relaxing, and elegant – all at the same time!