Condo Design Ideas – Making the Most Use of a Small Space

Condo living is a wonderful option for those who either don’t have the money to invest in a larger home, or for those who are single or don’t necessarily need the extra space of a larger property. For homeowners who prefer not to have too much responsibility in and around the home and like the idea of a low-maintenance property, then condominiums are the perfect option.

Condo Designs

Condo developers employ the services of designers and architects who create condo unit designs for a variety of needs and uses. Due to the general small space of condo units, designers need to be quite crafty and creative in being able to utilize every square foot of the unit to its highest use. Regardless of the small square footage of many condos, these spaces can have a very sleek and sophisticated look. All you need is a little foresight, an evaluation of how you’d like to live in your space, and knowledge of how to work with limited space in order to allow for proper flow. There are a variety of condo design ideas that can be used in condos to maximize the living space and create an inviting and sophisticated unit.

De-Clutter Your Space – One of the main things you should start off with is the removal of all unnecessary objects and trinkets that do nothing more than make a small space look even smaller. By de-cluttering a space by getting rid of items that are of little or no use, you can actually make a condo unit look a lot larger than what it actually is. Large, bulky furniture should be avoided, as they can over-power a small space. Mantles and shelves that are over-loaded with little trinkets and other decorative pieces can also make a room look cluttered, messy and uncomfortable. Simply getting rid of anything that is not used will allow you to create a clean canvas on which to work with.

Use Glass Wherever Possible – Any type of glass – whether it’s on table tops, partitions or wall art – gives the illusion of a larger space. The open impression that glass provides is a great way to ‘add’ extra square footage to a small condo unit.

Make Use of Light - Using light in a creative and particular way can also create a feeling of openness and space. This light can come from any direction – up, down, or all around. Proper use of lighting can really make a space seem larger and more inviting.

Use Floating Shelves – Rather than decorating your condo with large shelving units, make use of floating shelves instead. The lack of a background and side walls of these floating shelves allows a space to look a little larger and less cluttered. Not only that, but floating shelves are contemporary and modern looking, which is the perfect look for a condo. They are also quite easy to install and are still able to hold heavy weights.

Install Pop-Out and Pull-Out Furniture Wherever Possible – If possible, consider installing furniture that is hidden behind walls that is only taken out when in use. For example, pull-out beds are great for bachelor units where the living and bedroom space are basically the same space. Having furniture that you can put away when not in use can really increase the usability of every square foot of the unit.

With a little creativity and knowledge of your space and how you’d like to use it, you can create a condo design that is comfortable, useful, and esthetically pleasing at the same time.